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Vancouver-owned and operated T.O.P.I. Imports have been providing eco-friendly coated fabrics to North American food and hospitality venues since 1997.

Taste of Provence importing was our first company register in 1998

In 2006 we register T.O.P.I imports and decided to separate the 2 different  products:

One is the textile products under http://www.topimports.ca

and the botanical products under the name: Les Jardins de Jaqueline.    https://lesjardinsdejaqueline.com/T.O.P.I’s products offer: • Restaurant-quality European fabrics • Jacquard Teflon, PVC, and vinyl coating options • Stain and liquid-resistant • Indoor and outdoor usage • Available in the trendy design of colors and patterns • Cost-efficient: laundry servicing reduced by 95% • Labour efficient: notable re-setting required Why we are different from our competitor? T.O.P.I. Imports not only sells tablecloths, but it also offers a solution as · A design consultation to match your decor · help your business to choose the best material for the best overall look, feel, and atmosphere. · Help you to choose the properly coated fabric depending on the food you serve

Some of her achievements include:

  • supplying very well known assisted leaving
  • extensive knowledge in quality control of the oilcloth and acrylic fabrics
  •  Public speaking engagement to present her insights
  • · Expertise in helping her client  attain their highest returned investment on every dollar and our spending on the product she recommends

As the president and CEO of TOPI imports mission is providing the highest quality solutions aligned with clients’ needs.

At T.O.P.I imports clients get the best blend of expertise, quality and customized solutions designed for their business needs.

We strongly believe in respecting the environment .using eco-friendly fabrics allow to save water and limit the waste of chemical