Champagne Chocolate

Viviane at 21 years old harvesting grape in my Mum s Vinyard in Champagne

i m very proud to bring a Champagne specialty straight from France

here is a presentation of Epernay la Capital Mondiale du Champagne where i was born

from where i was born Champagne. here is the Champagne in a chocolate

it has 2 kinds of liquor which correspond to an ice vine but the difference it is made with real liquor of Champagne.

I m very proud to offer a unique chocolate and authentic chocolate de Champagne that you can actually toast anywhere

Champagne can only be used for promoting Champagne so I will use it as Champagne for that prestigious Chocolate

here is what people are waiting for the final touch of fancy packaging


liqueur made from the yellow sweet plum Mirabelle grown only in the northeast of France La Lorraine




available in a glass of 12 chocolate glass of box of 4 or 8 chocolate

single champagne chocolate with Marc de champagne
box of 4 chocolate 2 + 2 below how it look like inside

Champagne glass with 3 different kind of Chocolate

perfect gift for Christmas and New Year VALENTINE

box of 8 chocolate 4 liqueur de Marc de Champagne 4 liqueur de Ratafia

Champagne chocolate with Marc de Champagne ratafia et fine Marc de Champagne

here is the card and the composition:

What is


it is the CHampagne ice vine grape harvest after the frost made in liquor like a cognac except it is Champagne grape

Marc de Champagne

it is the alcool eau de vie made with Pinot Pint Meunier Chardonnay

pink chocolate with Ratafia and Biscuit de Reims

Made from sugar, flour, egg, and salt, the twice-baked cookies have a crispness that keeps them from flaking when submerged in liquid. Rather, after going for a dip in a glass of champagne, biscuits rose de Reims melt in your mouth

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