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Been in business for over 20 years

future in the Vancouver Sun

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2020 Ad – Les Jardins De Jaqueline – Vancouver Sun

Dec 17 2020

we support the downtown Eastside with an antiseptic soap apron and tablecloth

On behalf of all of the people who received a wide range of needed items from the DTES Distribution Hub this year, I wanted to extend my most heartfelt thanks for making a donation.

The Hub was established in April as part of a coordinated effort between the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia and Atira (which owns the Hub location), to respond to community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally intended to primarily provide Personal Protective Equipment and other basic supplies to major non-profit housing providers, it evolved and grew over the months to provide much, much more to approximately 50 community and service organizations, primarily in the Downtown Eastside, whose operations were affected by pandemic restrictions. And most importantly, to the people who rely on these organizations to provide so many basic but essential goods and services.

Whether you donated furniture, food, clothing, toiletries, PPE, electronics/ appliances, housewares/ kitchenwares, cleaning supplies, arts/crafts supplies, books, board games or other types of items, I thank you so much for being able to assist our efforts to help so many people during these challenging months.

I wish you all the best heading into 2021.

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Kukstemc,Janice Abbott (she, her, hers)

Chief Executive Officer, Atira Group of Women Serving Agencies

NOV 25 2020 Vancouver BC

James C Vancouver bc

I really love the masks you gave us, they are so much more breathable than the disposable ones. One piece of feedback is that the string came out of the loophole because I didn’t know the ends of the string were loose. Might want to tie them.

Thanks so much. I’ll recommend to my friends on my social media J

February 2, 2015

Courtenay B.C

T.O.P.I imports,

I would gladly recommend Vivian from T.O.P.I imports, I am very happy with the products and the service I received from Vivian. She was very helpful to me and her support and honest attitude helped me make the changes I needed in my Restaurant that has been a family affair since 1975.

The table cloths looked great and are very easy to care for, long-lasting and of good quality. They paid for them self’s in just a couple of months.

Thank you, Vivian, you are an extraordinary woman!


a customer contact me after 19 years to see if she can buy another tablecloth

this pattern below was one of the most popular designs i sold when i started my business over 20 years

thank you for your loyalty and show the quality of my tablecloth

Feb 2 2015

after 18 years  a customer came back to me and wonder i she could buy a new tablecloth

a proof that our products are quality and last for a long time

here is the comment of one our restaurant we did in Vancouver

I would gladly recommend as l am very happy with T.O.P. imports.l have been using their tablecloth since 2008 and

have changed the set only three times since.

I would highly recommend the company as it will not only save you money with the coated tablecloth but she will

also, work as a design consultant to bring you a solution for your restaurant.

The result is our restaurant has always given a unique look and at the same time save money too.

Thank you for your professional service and to provide the solution for our restaurant

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