customers referral

here are a few referrals from our customers

February 2, 2015

Courtenay B.C

T.O.P.I imports,

I would gladly recommend Vivian from T.O.P.I imports, I am very happy with the products and the service I received from Vivian. She was very helpful to me and her support and honest attitude helped me make the changes I needed in my Restaurant that has been a family affair since 1975.

The table cloths looked great and are very easy to care for, long-lasting and of good quality. They paid for them self’s in just a couple of months.

Thank you, Vivian , you are an extraordinary woman!


a customer contact me after 19 years to see if she can buy another tablecloth

this pattern bellow was one of the most popular designs i sold when i started my business over 20 years

thank you for your loyalty and show the quality of my tablecloth

Feb 2 2015

after 18 years  a customer came back to me and wonder i she could buy a new tablecloth

a proof that our products are quality and last for a long time

here is the comment of one our restaurant we did in Vancouver

I would gladly recommend as l am very happy with T.O.P. imports.l have been using their tablecloth since 2008 and

have changed the set only three times since.

I would highly recommend the company as it will not only save you money with the coated tablecloth but she will

also, work as a design consultant to bring you a solution for your restaurant.

The result is our restaurant has always given a unique look and at the same time save money too.

Thank you for your professional service and to provide the solution for our restaurant

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