pvc emvit

This the best fabric at the best price that we sell and we highly recommend it for the hospitality and the restaurant industries

It has a PVC film over the top of the fabric which makes the fabric waterproof, stain-resistant, and heat resistant..It does not require any washing We have tested the fabric in a commercial use and have a lot of happy customers

This is the best fabric on the market where you can expect to keep it for a very long time and we can say it will last at least 4 years before you will have to replace it. 

made in Italy it is sold by assorted design in

55 inches round

53by 72

53by 88

sold by 6 per design in color and per size

there is more than 10 assorted patterns

the catalog is under the wholesale order form

the fabric is 100% cotton coated pvc on the top

it is safe to use for kids and respect the requirement for north american and europe standard with no harm chemical for children or the environment.

reason why we sell assorted is those design sell all the time and we do not have all the same pattern at the same time

please refer to order form to see all design we have

this line is exclusive to TOPI imports and we have put back on the catalog as customers has been asking for it

they are the most durable inexpensive you can buy .if you have children or need low care tablecloth then this one is perfect

.Does not crack or leave mark like the vinyl does

pvc emvit 34 sunflower yellow
pvcemvit sunflower white

pvc emvit
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